BT7011 banknote counter

BT7011 reliable banknote counter with counterfeit detection

The BT7011: a professional banknote counter for sorted notes with 100% reliability!

Succesfully tested on its counterfeit detection, updating with a micro SD card and an easy to use touch screen: the BT7011 is a very effective banknote counter for sorted Euro notes. Feeding notes is very simple and efficient because you can just put them on top of the machine. The counting speed goes up to a staggering 1500 notes per minute!
Also this counter has the standard functionalities like as adding function and batch stop and of course these are easy adjustable and the counterfeit detection can be switched off to count other documents. This high end piece counter comes with a dust cover and a maintenance kit.

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compteuse de billets BT-7100 JFC

Banknote counter BT-7100

BT7100 Innovative value counter, user-friendly and 100% fake money detection

The BT7100 saves a lot of time in processing (larger) amounts of banknotes!

You want to count all your Euro notes without sorting and/or ordering on denomination or direction? The BT7100 can do so with succesfully tested counterfeit detection and a speed of 1.500 notes per minute! Let the counter do all the work and within a short notice you can read the total value, number of counted notes and a specification from the LCD display.

This value counter can be updated very easy. Standard functionalities like a self-programmable batch stop and adding function are standard and quickly accessible/adjustable via the touch screen.

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SB-9 Compteuse Trieuse 2 Poches Haute Résolution JFC

SB9 : 2 pockets professional Value counting machine

SB-9 / The SB-9 2 pockets banknote value counting machine is without doubt at the very top of the range of the market and is intended for the banking sector and businesses managing a high volume of banknotes.

Any suspect banknote is automatically directed to the rejection pouch while counting continues without stopping. Similarly, this double-pouch mechanism means that you can quickly sort by value, side, direction and even between old and new series of banknotes.

The SB-9 allows management of mixed bundles by banknote value but also by currency. So no more need to manually separate euro and dollar banknotes before counting – the SB-9 will indicate the amount and detail for each currency to you.

Its very high-resolution image scanner will allow you to automatically read the serial number of each bank note making up your bundle. Of course, the SB-9 incorporates all of the latest technologies for detecting fiduciary counterfeits (UV, MG, MT, IR, FL, CIS) fully tested by an official European body.
Its large-dimension colour graphics touchscreen makes it easy to read data and makes its use extremely intuitive. What’s more, this model has banknote route inspection hatches which allow easy preventative maintenance and simple and fast clearing of any jammed notes. Printer connection and saving of data on USB key.

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détecteuse BT-2622 JFC

Détecteur de faux billets BT-2622

BT2622 Unique, fast and with auto-detection

A modern design, small footprint and reliable detection on Euro: the BT2622!
Quick, reliable and with a LCD display: some of the key features of the BT2622! Counterfeit detection is succesfully tested (ecb 100%) and a warning is given when a suspect note is encountered. Of course you can insert a note in 4 directions!

Thanks to its compact size the BT2622 can be placed everywhere and the optional battery even allows a mobile usage! Other currencies are installed and are automatically recognized by the detector.

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Détecteur de faux billets infrarouge IR-1000 JFC

Infrared Camera fake money detector IR-1000

IR-1000 / Infrared Camera fake money detector

Thanks to its superior quality camera and its large LCD screen, the IR1000 infrared false banknote detector allows several banknotes to be checked at one time, a fast and efficient way to identify false notes

Modern banknotes contain special infrared (IR) inks which are invisible to the eye but which shine or become darker when they are exposed to infrared light at the right frequency.

The ir1000 infrared false banknote detector instantly shows these built-in IR security characteristics, thus enabling you to visually identify any false notes.

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compteuse de monnaie CM2000 JFC

Coin counting machine CM 2000

CM 2000 : High Speed Coin counting machine

With a large hopper with a 5000-coin capacity and a counting speed of 2300 coins per minute, the CM2000 is the ideal tool if you are regularly handling large quantities of coins. The CM2000 is fitted with a reject container for non-compliant coins. The ‘batch’ function is available for filling coin roll tubes.

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Compteuse Trieuse de monnaies Venus JFC

Venus Change Sorter and Counter

Venus professional coin sorting machine

With a counting speed of 700 coins per minute, the Venus Change Sorter and Counter has 8 denominations and is intended for daily and sustained use. This model tells you the total amounts in euros as well as by denomination and, among other things, allows batching by value to be programmed.
This model is fitted with a large capacity hopper as standard and a thermal printer (optional). Its maintenance is made simple through easy access to the coin routing, for simple and fast cleaning.
A coin roll filling kit is available as an option.

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compteuse trieuse de monnaie Moon JFC

Moon sorter and counter

Hight-end / High volule coin sorting machine

The Moon sorter and counter values change and rejects false coins by using its three sensors (diameter, thickness (tolerance 1/10 of a millimetre), and metal composition of the coin).

The Moon counter can differentiate between several different operators.
It also allows for pre-programming and valuing of tokens. It has 9 outputs including a reject container for non-compliant coins.
It is an ideal machine for counting large volumes: banks, supermarkets, automatic distribution operators, casinos, etc.

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compteuse de monnaie et billets Sigma 170

Cash counting machine Sigma 170

Sigma 170 : Accuracy, simplicity and flexibility of counting by weight.
The Sigma 170 is a fast and accurate count-by-weight ‘cash counting’ machine specifically designed to allow your business to save time, money and improve accountability. Designed for single till use, the Sigma 170 will assist any business that handles cash. It is an invaluable and easy-to-use device that not only counts cash quickly, but also allows you to prepare floats, prepare banking and conduct instant checks and audits in a fraction of the time.

Our weight-based ‘cash counting’ products help your business work more efficiently and are proven to prevent cash loss or shrinkage. Counting by weight is considerably faster and easier than counting by hand and highly accurate. Additionally, our products can count notes, coins and vouchers and instantly reconcile takings allowing you to conduct on-the-spot audit checks.

An essential tool for retailers who want to save time and close off their till efficiently.
For your convenience, the Sigma 170 can be fitted with a thermal printer. The Signal 170 accelerates the preparation and checking of floats. The machine counts the entire contents of a till in less than 1 minute. It is six times faster than manual counting.

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Scanner de chèque LS-515 JFC

Scanner de chèque LS-515

The LS-515 cheque scanner is a document scanner developed to be able to respond to a multitude of applications based on imaging and digitisation technologies, and which require the handling of a high volume of documents.

The LS 515 captures images of both sides of a document in cheque format such as bank cheques, coupons, restaurant vouchers or chèques vacances holiday vouchers. With its high-speed magnetic head, it enables instant reading of CMC7 strips on bank cheques (or E13B for foreign cheques).

The LS 515 has an endorsement device for inkjet printing of customised information and a stamp for the signature on the back of the document, all done in one single pass of the cheque.

The LS 515 digitises your documents in colour or in black and white and generates very high-quality fine-pixel images.
The patented technology analyses each image and maximises its quality, allowing optimum performance for OCR and ICR processing of digitised information, as well as on visual restitution for use in video coding.

The LS 515 scanner has one of the fastest document drive mechanisms on the market, allowing a digitisation speed of 120 documents per minute.

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