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Banknote counter BT-7100

BT7100 Innovative value counter, user-friendly and 100% fake money detection

The BT7100 saves a lot of time in processing (larger) amounts of banknotes!

You want to count all your Euro notes without sorting and/or ordering on denomination or direction? The BT7100 can do so with succesfully tested counterfeit detection and a speed of 1.500 notes per minute! Let the counter do all the work and within a short notice you can read the total value, number of counted notes and a specification from the LCD display.

This value counter can be updated very easy. Standard functionalities like a self-programmable batch stop and adding function are standard and quickly accessible/adjustable via the touch screen.

  • JFC - Banknote counter BT-7100


  • value counter for Euro banknotes
  • also for GBP, CHF and USD
  • succesfully tested! (
  • clear reporting with specified overview of all counted notes
  • Update possible via micro SD card and USB
  • free-count-mode (no CF detection)
  • automatic start with run-up delay
  • counting speed: 800 / 1.200 / 1.500 notes per minute
  • hopper capacity: 400 notes
  • stacker capacity: 200 notes
  • stop from 1-999 adjustable
  • double, chain and half note detection
  • failure management
  • connection for external printer
  • innovative touch screen
  • power cable included

Spécifications Techniques

  • dimensions: 250x263x254 (HxWxD in mm)
  • weight:6,5 kg
  • power: 110-230V / 100W
  • signal: optical & accoustic
  • certificate: CE/TÜV/GS
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