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BT7011 banknote counter

BT7011 reliable banknote counter with counterfeit detection

The BT7011: a professional banknote counter for sorted notes with 100% reliability!

Succesfully tested on its counterfeit detection, updating with a micro SD card and an easy to use touch screen: the BT7011 is a very effective banknote counter for sorted Euro notes. Feeding notes is very simple and efficient because you can just put them on top of the machine. The counting speed goes up to a staggering 1500 notes per minute!
Also this counter has the standard functionalities like as adding function and batch stop and of course these are easy adjustable and the counterfeit detection can be switched off to count other documents. This high end piece counter comes with a dust cover and a maintenance kit.

  • JFC - BT7011 banknote counter


  • batch counter, counts sorted banknotes
  • suitable for Euro and GBP notes
  • updating via USB and micro SD card
  • free-count-mode (no CF detection)
  • automatic start with run-up delay
  • counting speed: 800 / 1.200 / 1.500 notes per minute
  • stacker capacity: 200 notes
  • hopper capacity: 400 notes
  • stop from 1-999 adjustable
  • double, chain and half note detection
  • failure management
  • connection for external display
  • innovative touch screen
  • power cable included
  • optional accessories:
    • external display
    • printer

Spécifications Techniques

  • dimensions: 250x263x254 (HxWxD in mm)
  • weight:6,5 kg
  • power: 110-230V / 100W
  • signal: optical & accoustic
  • certificate: CE/TÜV/GS
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