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Control terminal 20

Wall terminal with card payment

Fully customisable.

Orders are placed at the control terminal 20 from a multi-lingual intuitive touch-screen interface. The customer pays using a card or in cash and can pick up their order at the counter. Our terminals are compatible with blackbox and are available in stand or wall-mounted versions. Update of the content can be modified remotely. Orders made at a terminal are 22% larger than those made at the counter.

The control terminal 20 can be completely adapted to suit unique needs: for local authorities, pharmacies, shopping centres, etc.

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  • JFC - Control terminal 20
  • JFC - Control terminal 20
  • JFC - Control terminal 20
  • JFC - Control terminal 20


  • Reduces waiting and queues at counters
  • Minimises errors in order preparation
  • Increases repeat visits thanks to loyalty cards
  • Encourages customers to order other articles
  • Enables your staff to devote their time to greeting customers
  • Boosts your image
  • Increases the average bill
  • Fun and fast experience
  • Enables “flash” actions

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